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Fairview Parent Involvement Policy

Fairview Elementary 

Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy 


Fairview is required to have an annual parent meeting to inform parents of our school’s participation as a Title 1 site, its requirements, and the rights that parent shave to be involved in their child’s education.  Title 1 programs, services, and goals will also be discussed.  This annual parent meeting will be open to all parents.  Both the District and Fairview Parent Involvement Policies and other parent notification forms will be handed out in all classrooms at Back to School Night.   

A description and explanation of the curriculum and assessments used to monitor student progress in each grade will be offered during grade level orientation meetings and parent/teacher conferences, which will be held in October and March of each school year.  Parents are strongly encouraged to attend conferences with their child’s teacher in order to participate in decisions relating to their child’s education.  The Title 1 teacher will be available upon request to participate in conferences. 

A Parent-Teacher-Student Compact will be jointly reviewed and updated with parents of a yearly basis.  This compact defines the responsibilities of each party and stresses the importance of teachers, students, and parents working together.  Compacts will be sent home with each student at the beginning of each school year, signed by all parties, and returned to the child’s teacher. 

Fairview maintains communication between school and home in a variety of was.  These include our school newsletter Thursday folders, Parent Portal, our school wide website (contains links to our individual class sites), assigned notebooks, school notes and flyers and the new phone app for Moore Schools.  Through scheduled planned conferences and activities, parents will have reasonable access to staff and will be given the opportunity to volunteer, observe, and participate in classroom activities.  Fairview strives to communicate with our parents who have limited English Skills. 

Parents will be involved each spring in the review, planning, and revising of Fairview Title 1 School-wide Plan, as well as this Parent Involvement Policy, and will have free access to both.  Parents have the right to submit comments/concerns to the school district if they feel that either the school-wide Plan or Parent Policy is not satisfactory.  A needs Assessment and Program Evaluation Survey will be available to parent each spring.  The survey results will be utilized in conjunction with assessment data to guide the revision of the plan for the following year. 

Fairview Elementary Parent Involvement Policy 2023-2024